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    but reservations are recommended

  • About La Perla

    "The Cure For a Restless Palate"

    La Perla is a Spanish/Latin inspired Restaurant with Southern influences.

    Our menu changes seasonally. We are committed to sustainable seafood - our fish specials change depending upon what is caught fresh in local waters.


    From September to April we have a wine dinner on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

    The dinners are 4 courses paired with 4 wines, and the wines are available for purchase.


  • Reviews

    Kind words from our lovely guests

    Cheese & Charcuterie Plate

    "Mad respect."

    You have to admire the chef and owner for launching a risky concept in Morehead City. The location is out of the way, the space is rather small and the menu is a significant departure from the usual fare. I'm happy to say that it all works very well. Mostly due to the care they put into the entire experience.
    The atmosphere is well crafted to provide both a nice bar area and a comfortable and relatively quiet dining room.
    The service was excellent with friendly staff and attentive management.
    My wife and I ordered the ceviche and black bean tostada to start. I did not expect much from the black bean tostada but it was truly excellent. The Cevche was spot on. We could have stopped there but ordered the Mufungo and goat curry. The Mufungo was delightful. Well balanced between all components and super tasty. I've had goat curry several times. It's a challenge to execute well. I'm happy to say that the flavors were excellent.
    There were several fish specials that we did not try but look forward to in the future.
    We hope that La Perla is successful. Morehead needs places like this.


    Hibiscus Margarita


    I don't know where to start except at the end. My birthday meal was better than I could have hoped for. In the 35 years I have been to this area as a second home, and having travelled all over the world sampling food from everywhere, I think I'm reasonably equipped to rave when I have an awesome feast. This food is simple, subtle and fresh...and I'm almost stunned at the ability of this man to make such a creative array of delights out of what doesn't sound that different at first. My husband and I had the evening specials: Ceviche (which tonight was Wahoo), a trio of tacos (do NOT skip the beef tongue, pork belly anything- they melt in your mouth!!)..and his Catch of the Day (Adobo rubbed Mahi) was cooked perfectly and topped Mexican street corn, sweet potato and kale...I was sopping up the sauces with my OMG plantain chips which were the exact right texture (they came with my ceviche). I have to stop ranting because you won't think I'm sincere. You must go. And I bet like us, you'll be back. (And oh yeah, I had the pisco sour as a cocktail...bam. Enough said.)

    Asparagus, May Pea Salad with Manchego, Serano ham, Basil Vinaigrette

    "What a find!"

    As a part time resident in the area we are always looking for wonderful food. We are used to big city creativity and presentation, and we're glad to say there are definitely some great spots in town.
    La Perla was a new suggestion from like minded friends. We heard things like "best meal I've ever had at the beach. Ever!" Ok! Gotta go!
    It's surprisingly close by. Not on the well trodden track but even easier to get to. The restaurant is tidy, very clean, spacious, and pleasant. The hostess was comfortably welcoming. The menu is thankfully not enormous but had something for everyone. Prices are very reasonable. I started with the hibiscus margarita. Gorgeous color, not too sweet, flavors blended very well. Great start. The 6 of us had a goal to each order different things so we could really try out the range of dishes. I had a really hard time sharing the pulled pork empanadas. Really just wanted to hog them. For entrees, standouts were the scallops and the hanger steak, though ALL had an interesting flavor profile. A real strength here is the use of sauces and supporting veg. They just launch the dishes into a different stratosphere. Fully flavorful, the corn coulis that supported the snapper and the herb flecked sauce that accompanied the scallops were just delicious. Though we were all groaning and clutching our stomachs, swearing we would never eat again, we went for the desserts. One of us said that for his dying meal he wanted the rice pudding. I, personally, would go for the panna cotta but my alter ego seriously would want the chocolate banana ice cream.
    We will come back every time we are in town.
    We are so glad they are close by. This area is just blooming. We feel lucky to be able to watch the show.

    Pork Belly, Goat Cheese, Pickled Watermelon Rinds, Arugula Salad

    "This delicious, hidden gem is a must-visit!"

    Visited La Perla at the recommendation of a close, food-obsessed friend. We were so impressed by the level of cooking, the smart flavor profiles, the warm service—and it's a welcome step-up from the area's grills and chain restaurants.

    La Perla is run by a couple—Jessica and Kevin—who work at the restaurant every day it's open. Their presence and dedication makes all the difference—and it made our dining experience special. We felt like we were being welcomed to a friend's house for dinner. We talked about that dinner every day for the next week...and we're excited about our next visit.

    The fried shishito peppers, wings, pork belly-arugula salad, local dayboat grouper, ceviche, octopus, creme brûlée, and almond cake—all fantastic! I'd order it all again.

  • Location

    305 Front Street, Beaufort NC

  • Our new location is 305 Front St in Beaufort, NC

    305 Front Street,
    Beaufort North Carolina 28516
    Thursday - Monday
    5:30 - 9:30
    closed Tuesday & Wednesday
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